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Hosted By: Retreats On Yachts and XPAND Yachts

AUG. 14 -

AUG. 14 - 21. 2024

21. 2024

Do You Dream Of Hosting Your Own Yacht Retreat?

This retreat is for extraordinary facilitators who love the ocean and have a passion for hosting transformational experiences. If you are interested in hosting a retreat on a yacht or being hired to co-facilitate a yacht retreat someday, then the Voyage of Visionaries is for you!

Manifest your Dreams into Reality, this august!

Our program provides you with the essential knowledge and confidence to host your own yacht retreat next year. Through hands-on experience and expert guidance, we empower you to turn your dream into reality. This journey will be your stepping stone to creating successful and unforgettable retreats that distinguish you in the industry.

come Awaken The Waters with us

Our mission is to contribute to the collective awakening by harnessing the profound potential of water within ourselves and the ocean. By merging the retreat and yachting industries, we aim to transform lives and protect marine ecosystems. We equip retreat facilitators with the resources to host impactful yacht retreats, fostering love and respect for the sea. Through these unique experiences, we inspire a global movement of ocean conservation and personal well-being, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the waters.


This Voyage will prepare you host your own Successful & Profitable Yacht Retreat in 2025

Experience as a
Participant and Facilitator

By participating in and facilitating sessions during the retreat, you’ll gain invaluable insights into what works best for participants and how to lead transformative experiences on the open seas.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse group of retreat leaders.
Forge meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and potentially collaborate on future ventures. 

Professional Marketing Package

Elevate your brand and attract participants to your next retreat with professional photos and videos captured against the stunning oceanic backdrop, attracting participants with captivating marketing materials.

Profitable Retreat Hosting

Learn insider strategies from industry experts to design, promote, and host successful yacht retreats that leave a lasting impact.

Unforgettable Exploration
in Croatia

Embark on an unforgettable adventure aboard a luxurious yacht, discovering hidden coves and charming coastal towns along Croatia’s breathtaking coastline.

Connect with the Ocean

Experience the ocean’s profound influence on personal growth, emotional release and human connection, fostering introspection, healing, and authentic connections amidst the rhythmic waves.

Give, receive & Collaborate

This retreat offers the unique opportunity to be both a host and a guest. As a facilitator, you’ll have the chance to share your gifts by leading a workshop or experience during our voyage. In return, you’ll receive valuable feedback and testimonials to help market your future yacht retreats. Enjoy all the luxuries of the retreat as a guest, with the freedom to participate in any workshops and events that resonate with you. Engage with your peers in meaningful ways and discover potential collaborators for future retreats. Together, we’ll create a ripple effect of positive energy that extends far beyond the shores of Croatia!

Retreats On Yachts, owned by Jessica Filkin, and Xpand Yachts, owned by Brady have joined forces to empower retreat facilitators in crafting unforgettable yacht retreats across the Mediterranean and Croatia. With our combined expertise and dedication to excellence, we stand as the premier choice for yacht brokerage services tailored specifically for transformative retreats.




1 +

Collectively we have over 30 years of experience working in the yachting industry to offer you the most qualified service for your journey.

1 +
We have successfully hosted over 80 trips with 30 or more guests on yachts in the Mediterranean, offering you the most uniquely tailored retreats. 
1 +
Over the past decade of running trips on yachts in Croatia and the Med, we have built trusted partnerships with vetted yacht owners and Captains.

Join Leaders In The Wellness Industry On A Mission To Protect The Ocean

A key element of The Voyage Of Visionaries retreat is dedicating time to explore how we can positively influence the planet and marine ecosystems through hosting events on yachts. We believe that improving ocean health begins with nurturing our own inner waters. We enhance our well-being by avoiding poisonous substances, toxic foods, harmful environments, unhealthy relationships, and negative thoughts.

Similarly, we can contribute to ocean health by educating ourselves and others about marine conservation, supporting local efforts to protect marine life, backing organizations that reduce pollution, adopting sustainable practices during our yacht retreats, and honoring the sea with our prayers and loving thoughts. These actions mirror the care we give to ourselves, extending respect to the oceans that support life on our planet.

This journey begins by fostering a deep love for the ocean, understanding marine ecosystems, and identifying factors that degrade them, and those that aid their regeneration. With this knowledge, we can take meaningful steps to preserve and rejuvenate the sea.

Key Features you'll experience


Each trip is a tapestry woven from the creativity and talents of everyone on board. You might find yourself leading a sunrise yoga session on the yacht’s deck, guiding a group meditation to connect with the serenity of the sea, or hosting a workshop to share your expertise.


Each participant will have the opportunity to share their gifts by offering a workshop/experience during this voyage. Together, we’ll create a ripple effect of positive energy that resonates far beyond the shores of Croatia.


From hands-on experience to expert guidance, we empower you to turn your dreams of hosting a unique yacht retreat into a reality, making this experience a stepping stone towards your own successful ventures on the seas.

Want to learn more about the yacht venue?

Welcome aboard our charming 38-meter yacht, A perfect blend of comfort and spaciousness, tailored to accommodate up to 36 guests. Our yacht features a elegant dining area where you can enjoy delightful meals with a scenic ocean backdrop. The spacious top deck is a favorite spot among our guests, complete with a hot tub for relaxation under the open sky. The guest rooms are comfortably furnished, each with a private bathroom, ensuring a restful stay.

Above all, our friendly and attentive staff are on hand to make your journey enjoyable and memorable. Embark on this Voyage with us, where the beauty of the sea meets the warmth of our hospitality.


Yoga Instructor

We offer yoga instructors to host exclusive yacht retreat experiences on the ocean.

Retreat Organizer

We offer retreat organizers the ability to assist high-profiled clientele with unique experiences. 

Event Producer

We help retreat organizers and event designers create meaningful, life-changing experiences on yachts in the mediterranean.


We provide all of the necessary spaces for you to host your own coaching sessions, and heal with the medicine of the water.

Community Leader

We offer you the most support with our staff to accommodate large groups and communities that you lead.


We provide all of the luxury modalities for you to run your own corporate business event on a yacht. 

An Investment In Your Future

Not only is this a business write off, but it’s FREE if you book a yacht with us in 2025. If you decide to host a yacht retreat in 2025, we will discount your payment from the Voyage of Visionaries Retreat from the cost of chartering the yacht.


Day 1. SPLIT / BOL

Day 1. Split / Bol

Board the yacht in Split Harbor. Meet our team and the yacht crew before we set sail toward Bol at 3pm (don’t be late!) Settle into your space and prepare for the week ahead. Once we arrive in Bol, we will have dinner on board the yacht for the first time together and kick off the trip with a welcome ceremony so we can get to know one another and set some intentions for the experience.

Day 2. Makarska


In the morning there will be an yoga class available on the top deck of the yacht. Followed by a breathwork Ice Bath workshop and a healthy breakfast. We will spend the afternoon swimming at one of the beautiful beaches (Buba Beach) on the Riviera, Where you can choose from all sorts of watersports and bungee jumping, then head into Makarska port for the night. Makarska nestles under the massive peaks of the Biokovo mountain range with Mt. Jure, the highest seaside peak on the Mediterranean.



After a morning movement and meditation practice we will depart early morning for Korcula. We stop off at the private island of Moro for some swimming and an intimate workshop then before the sun goes down we will head to Korcula and do a walking tour of one of Croatia’s oldest cities. This evening we will have an incredible dinner and then have some time to explore and shop, or play connection games on the yacht.

Day 4. VIS

Day 4. VIS

After a somatic movement practice we will depart for Vis in the morning. We will have lunch in the harbor before a full day of exploring! Virtually untouched by modern tourism, the island of Vis is steeped in military history. Established as a military zone, Vis has only been accessible to foreigners since 1989. It is hard to top Vis’ combination of hidden beaches, fresh seafood, and authentic Croatian wine. This day is all about activities and exploration. Rent scooters and cruise the rolling hills of Vis. Stop for ice cream in the fisherman’s town of Komiza, then make your way back to Vis town for a wine tasting at Lipanovic. Finish the night with a workshop and sunset dinner at the incredible Fort George.

Day 5. HVAR

Day 5. HVAR

We’ll start the day with a beautiful restorative yoga and breakfast before departing for Hvar – a beautiful island with 13th-century walls, a hilltop fortress and a main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral. Lunch will be served on the boat when we arrive in Hvar to prepare you for another day of exploring. Together, we’ll hike up to the incredible fortress where you can see the entire city. It’s quite the view. After wandering around the city, we’ll stop outside of Brac for an afternoon dip off the back of the yacht. We’ll finish out the day with a beautiful sunset dinner followed by a workshop.


Day 6. Trogir

After starting the morning with yoga or workout and breakfast, we’ll sail for Trogir for a relaxing day of picturesque views and workshops. Trogir is known for having a historic centre which is considered the most preserved medieval town in central Europe. This center is considered by many as an “open museum” due to the number of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque structures found in the town. The view from the bell tower is to die for. In between meals and exploring, there will be workshops and talks – as well as plenty of time to enjoy the sun. You can also look forward to another epic sunset over dinner. It never gets old.




It’s our last full day together, and you can bet it’ll be a special one. After a rejuvenating morning practice We’ll start our journey back to Split, but not without stops for swimming and sun bathing along the way – and one last night at sea! You can expect a day filled with workshops, connection and deeper integration of everything you’ve experienced up to this point on the trip. We’ll eat yummy food and spend the day relaxing – while simultaneously preparing you to enter back into the “normal” world with the tools you need to create the life of your dreams back on land. You can be sure this experience will leave you inspired and excited to uplevel your lifestyle and have more joy, connection and freedom in your everyday life. Enjoy a delicious meal on board followed by a cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance party, and end the evening cuddling under the stars.

Day 8. SPLIT

Day 8. SPLIT

After our final morning movement and breakfast, we’ll set sail from the private bay and head to Split for checkout at 9 AM. The morning will be filled with lots of hugs, swapping Instagrams and WhatsApp numbers, and saying a goodbye – or rather “see you later” to the crew and your new family.

The power of the ocean

The feminine energy of the ocean creates a safe space for emotional healing, fostering acceptance and resilience within its vastness.

Its rhythmic currents mirror life’s emotional ebbs and flows, guiding individuals to release emotional blockages and embrace fluidity. There are thousands of retreats happening on land but very few happening on the water.

This is a special opportunity to experience the power the ocean has to augment your retreat experience.

Available retreat features

What's Included


Enjoy a luxury stay in our upgraded rooms, and have all group accommodation covered throughout your retreat! 


Participate in, and Facilitate holistic wellness practices that rejuvinate your body, mind, and spirit. 


Network with like-minded retreat facilitators and special guests looking to collaborate on hosting a transformation retreat. 


Receive professional photography and videography footage from this event to use as promotional material for your next offering on a yacht. 


Enjoy luxury cuisine made by our in-house chefs and savour a taste of Croatia on the water. 


Have all group rides accommodated for, including all group excursions, hikes, and tours. 

Unavailable Retreat features

What's Not Included


Your flight and airport transfer to the yacht is not included in this package. 


We will provide the best group-transportation service. If you feel called to explore Croatia on your own, individual transportation expenses will not be covered. 


While drinks will be provided on the yacht, alcohol may be purchased at an additional cost. 


Enjoy the opportunity to explore Croatia at night and savour local cuisine. 

Pricing Plans


Choose below from the best pricing plan that works for you. 

Private Room

Single Bed Option
$ 4990
Sale price Available Until May 23.24
  • Enjoy a single luxury room designated to your privat- accommodation yacht retreat experience

Shared Room

Most Popular
$ 2990
Sale Price available until May 23.24
  • Enjoy a shared room experience during your luxury yacht retreat stay. Accommodations include two single beds in a room.

Bring A Friend

Get a discount on the shared room!
$ 2690
Sale available until may 23.24
  • Bring a friend to expereince this retreat with your business partner, collaborator, or featured guest!




photo package


You will receive a package of professional photos and videos included in the price of this trip. There is also the option to have extra personal photo/video shoots of you facilitating to use for your own marketing purposes at an additional cost.


video package






Connect with like-minded retreat organizers/event producers in a unique and luxurious setting to build valuable professional relationships.

Professional Media

Capture unforgettable moments with high-quality photos and videos to utilize for your social media and future marketing.


Move with the waters through tailored yoga classes, breath work, and healing for yourself and others.

Expert Knowledge

Gain insights and knowledge from industry experts through engaging discussions and workshops in the picturesque backdrop of Croatia.

Diverse Islands

Discover an abundance of Croatian islands, each possessing its unique flavour, distinctive qualities, and rich cultural charm waiting to be explored.

Ecstatic Dance

Immerse yourself in the joy of ecstatic dance sessions, set against the backdrop of the stunning Adriatic Sea.

Meet the Founding Visionaries


Jessica Filkins

Jessica has a deep passion for wellness and a love for the ocean, she has created a unique platform, Retreats on Yachts that merges the serenity of living on a boat with the transformational power of retreats.

Jessica grew up on boats, she was homeschooled on a sailboat in the Bahamas, and has spent the last 5 years cheffing on yachts and hosting retreats.

Driven by her belief that yachts are a perfect venue for personal growth, human connection, relaxation, and epic adventures she is committed to helping retreat facilitators host experiences at sea.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-04 at 13.11.00

Brady Hedlund

Brady is a serial entrepreneur, he started his first business at the at of 12, He saved up to travel the world at 18. He then decided to start a travel business at the age of 19. Fully bootstrapped, he grew that into a large business operating in 18 countries with a full-time team of over 50 people.

Over the last 5 years, he has been on more of an inwards journey exploring himself and creating a new way of living that is more in alignment for the life he wants to live and now he wants to inspire others to do the same.

His mission is to inspire people to live a full meaningful life, through experience creation, coaching, and developing community spaces.

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