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Retreats On Yachts was founded by former captain and yacht chef Jessica Filkins in 2023. Our mission is to merge the wellness and yachting industries to provide transformational experiences on yachts worldwide. We help retreat facilitators find charter yachts that offer yoga, massage, and other holistic experiences and we help find the perfect crew and location to host retreats.  

A luxurious yacht surrounded by turquoise water and majestic islands is the ideal venue for the retreat of a lifetime.

We take on the many challenges of booking retreats on yachts. So you can relax and enjoy the experience of retreat hosting!

We will help you find...

As opposed to traditional land venues, on yachts, retreat hosts and guests share intimate spaces with the indispensable support staff (captain, chef, strews and mates). 

A captain assumes the vital role of curating a secure haven for hosts and guests, with their persona harmonizing seamlessly with the retreat’s essence. Our expertise lies in locating a captain who embodies the tranquil spirit, merging professionalism and experience with a personality that resonates deeply with the retreat’s purpose.

We will help you find the perfect chef whose personality is conducive to a calm, warm, and nurturing experience. Who can cook high vibrational food and cater to the retreat guests’ unique dietary preferences. This often includes vegan and gluten-free diets. 

Some boats run with 3-5 or more crew members. It is important that the other crew (mates and stews) are also able to hold a low-stress, fun-loving vibe in addition to proficiency in their roles. Some crew have additional skills and certifications that support the retreat guests’ experience, such as being a yoga teacher or massage therapist. Let us support you in finding the perfect crew for the ideal experience you are offering.

There are many yachts to choose from all over the world and the price point varies from $20,000 per week to over $100,000 per week. 

Most yachts have 3-5 cabins and can sleep 6-10 guests. Many retreat hosts choose to charter several yachts and “buddy boat” so that they can have more participants in the retreat while others enjoy the intimate experience of a 6-10 person retreat. 

Some yachts come with a crew who live onboard full time and other yachts are “bare boat” meaning you rent the yacht and we help you find the best freelance crew to host your experience. 

There are sailing yachts and power yachts, monohulls, catamarans, and trimarans. The majority of our retreats are hosts on sailing catamarans but some clients prefer power yachts or monohull sailboats. It depends on the type of experience you are offering and the type of clients who will be booking your retreat

There are so many beautiful places in the world to host a retreat on a yacht that it may seem hard to choose the right one. Each island chain has its own unique offerings. 

The ideal location depends on many factors including, where your clients desire to travel to and where you envision your retreat will be most fulfilling. We help to make sure that we have the best crew and yacht in the location you desire at a price point that your guests can afford. 

Awaken the Waters – Retreats On Yachts will help you pick the best location to sell out your retreat and blow your retreat guests away!

Yacht retreats are not cheap but the right clients are more than willing to pay for this once in a lifetime experience. We are currently in the process of building a client base with whom we can market your retreat, but for now, attracting the right clients is mostly up to you. 

Awaken The Waters – Retreats On Yachts will help you market your retreat as best we can! We have a folder of profetional photos and videos from past retreats that you can use to market your retreat. We also have a list of over 100 top yacht brokers and we will share your brochure, website and other marketing material with them. 

If you already work with high-end clients who book other retreats with you, you will have no problem enticing them to sign up for a retreat on a yacht!

How To Get Started?

Whether you are interested in hosting a retreat next month or next year or someday, we are excited to talk to you and help you envision your dream experience! We are here to answer any questions you have and to help you plan, fill and profit from your yachting retreat.

If you are a retreat facilitator interested in hosting a retreat on a yacht please fill out this application form bellow, then we will set up a discovery call. 

If you have a yacht and would to book with retreats please contact us.

If you are yacht crew already offering retreat experiences we want to work with you!



Retreats in Croatia

Are you a retreat facilitator or event producer looking for a boat that can hold 30 to 45 guests? We have a unique opportunity to charter a motor yacht in Croatia for an extremely low price in the peak season of July and August 2024.  It is possible to make up to $60,000 in profit from hosting a week-long retreat on this boat while still keeping the cost for your guests under $3,000 per person. To learn more about this opportunity click the link bellow or contact us. 

Join our community of conscious, passionate yacht crew!

Experience Based charters are the way of Future

We are in the process of building an experience-based yacht brokerage company that matches charter guests with crew who share the same passions and interests. Retreats on yachts do not all have to be wellness focused. We want to offer spearfishing retreats, wing foiling retreats, surf retreats, underwater photography retreats, local history retreats, cooking class retreats, and other unique experiences that can only be offered by yacht crew who are truly skilled at sharing the activities they love. 

We are also building a community of retreat hosts, yachties, cruisers, and ocean lovers who value optimal health, personal growth, authentic connection, transformative experiences, sustainability, ocean conservation, and pursuing your passions. We want to support your vision and help you book the kind of charters that you are excited to host. If you have an idea for a yacht retreat, reach out so we can help you book it!

Are you...

We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your story and your vision!

We are in the process of booking 30 retreats on yachts for the 2024 season

Join Amanda in the BVI in February!



Why is a yacht the perfect venue for your next retreat?

Yacht retreats provide an unparalleled level of tranquility and exclusivity. Imagine being surrounded by the vastness of the open sea, with breathtaking views and a sense of freedom that allows you to truly disconnect from the outside world. The calming presence of the ocean creates a serene atmosphere that enhances relaxation and introspection.  

Yachts are synonymous with luxury, and booking a retreat on a yacht means indulging in a lavish experience. From elegantly designed cabins to gourmet dining options and personalized service, every aspect of your stay is meticulously curated to ensure your comfort and well-being. You can unwind in opulent surroundings while enjoying the amenities and services available on board. 

Yacht retreats offer the opportunity to explore stunning destinations from a unique perspective. Sail to secluded islands, visit hidden coves, and anchor in picturesque harbors that are often inaccessible by land. Each destination becomes a backdrop for your retreat, providing a sense of adventure and discovery that enriches your overall experience.

 Yacht retreats can be tailored to your specific preferences and wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking mindfulness, rejuvenation, fitness, or personal growth, these retreats offer a wide range of activities and workshops led by experienced professionals. From yoga and meditation sessions to spa treatments and workshops, you can create a personalized itinerary that aligns with your desires and intentions.  

The intimate nature of yacht retreats fosters a strong sense of community among participants. With a limited number of guests on board, you have the opportunity to connect deeply with like-minded individuals, forming meaningful connections and sharing transformative experiences. The supportive environment encourages personal growth and provides a space for reflection, learning, and mutual support.

Yachts often have limited connectivity to the internet and mobile networks. This can be beneficial for a retreat as it encourages participants to disconnect from technology, fostering deeper connections and a more focused experience. 

A yacht retreat is truly a “once in a life time,” bucket list experience. You get to enjoy the open water, stunning views, and the sensation of being on a luxurious vessel while experiencing deep human connection and profound personal transformation

Yachts provide a higher level of privacy compared to houses, especially if you’re in a secluded location. You can enjoy your retreat without disturbances or distractions from the outside world. 

Yachts come with a professional crew that takes care of all the logistics, including navigation, cooking, and housekeeping. This allows you to focus on your retreat’s purpose and fully relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of.

"This was the best week of my life!"

Booking a retreat on a yacht offers a host of unique advantages that set it apart from traditional retreat experiences. A yacht retreat offers a harmonious blend of luxury, adventure, and holistic well-being. It allows you to embark on a transformative journey that combines relaxation, self-discovery, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean. 


Explore Booking a Wellness Charter!

If you are not looking to join or host an upcoming retreat but are looking to have a rejuvenating yacht vacation experience, then explore our Wellness Charter option!

A Wellness Charter is like a regular yacht charter (where you rent a boat with your family or friends) but with a unique crew who are able to facilitate a healthy experience catered to your specific dietary, fitness, and wellness needs.
Each Wellness Charter package includes a pre-charter health consultation to curate a menu based on your dietary preferences, as well as a customized itinerary based on your well-being & fitness goals.

Need a "husband sitter"? Wellness Charters are FUN for the whole family. While the girls are doing yoga on the beach the captain can take the guys fishing, spear fishing or E-foiling!

A Wellness Charter includes all of the adventures and amenities of a regular charter, but your experience will be enhanced with daily transformational activities like intention setting, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and workshops.

Let us help you design your dream retreat!

Retreat design will vary based on INDIVIDUAL client PREFERENCES

Here is a sample of what a typical day might be like:


The dawn unfolds with elegance as we savor tea and the crisp refreshment of celery juice. A graceful hour of yoga and meditation awaits, whether on the tranquil boat deck or the sun-kissed beach. Our collective presence then converges for a breakfast that renews the senses—Acai bowls, Avocado toast, and/or the inviting embrace of a warm breakfast frittata. Amid this nourishing repast, we unfurl the itinerary of our day’s adventures with anticipation and excitement.


Embarking on the day’s journey, we immerse ourselves in a symphony of workshops and engaging pursuits—sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and the exhilaration of E-foiling. A scrumptuous lunch replenishes us, setting the stage for a transformative hike to a vantage point that unveils a panorama of sheer magnificence. Here, a canvas of possibilities unfolds: guided breathwork, the resonance of vocal activation, the serenity of meditation, the warmth of a sharing circle, or the introspective dance of journaling—a tapestry woven with profound and empowering practices.


As the sun descends, reflecting its golden hues upon the calm ocean, we reunite aboard the vessel for an enchanting sunset rendezvous. Here, libations flow—crafted from fresh elixirs, adorned with the healing essences of turmeric, ginger, and other herbal wonders. A delectable feast awaits, another chapter in our culinary journey, before the rhythm of the night takes hold.

Atop the deck, beneath the starlit canvas, we sway to the music, celebrating life’s cadence. For those seeking tranquility, a hushed haven beckons, while the spirit of camaraderie thrives in authentic relating games and workshops. Each night, a celestial spectacle unveils itself, a grand finale to be recieved as you nestle in cozy blankets upon the trampolines, gazing upward from the bow’s embrace.

You'll depart with feeling of wholeness, a heart aglow with happiness, and a spirit lifted to new heights—far beyond the ordinary realms of a mere vacation!

YACHT Example


 A sailing catamaran is the most popular type of yacht for retreats in the Bahamas, Vergin Islands, Caribbean, and Central America. The Season for this part of the world is November to August. December to April is peak season when prices are higher. Here are some photos of the sailing yacht Leeway which we hosted some retreats on last year. Leeway is a 58’ Leopard catamaran with 3 guest cabins. Most of the catamarans we work with have 4 or 5 cabins available for guests and charter for $18,000-$40,000 per week.

YACHT Example

Motor Yacht

We have a variety of motor yachts available in Croatia and Turkey that can sleep 30 to 45 guests. These boats are perfect for retreat facilitators who want to host larger groups at a lower price for the guests and a higher profit for the facilitators. The season for yacht retreats in this part of the world is May to October, July, and August are peek season moths when the weather is the best. These boats charter for $45,000 to $70,000 per week. 

Pricing your Yacht Retreat
Most yacht week-long yacht retreats On catamarans in North and Central America book for $5,000 to $8,000 per person. This rate includes the captain, chef, retreat facilitator, drinks, fuel, and 3 meals per day onboard. The average 60ft catamaran in the USVI charters for about $30,000 per week. Larger more luxurious catamarans charter for $40,000-$90,000 per week. Smaller, older, funkier catamarans charter for as low as $15,000 per week.

In Croatia and the Mediterranean, most week-long yacht retreats on motor yachts book for $3,000 to $5,000 per person which includes a full crew and 2 meals per day. These boats can accommodate 3 or 4 times as many guests as the catamarans so the price per guest is significantly lower and the potential profit for the retreat facilitators is significantly higher. These yachts can range from as low as $45,000 per week to over $80,000 per week depending on the level of luxury.

We will help you find the perfect boat for your guest's standards and budgets.

After you choose the type of boat and location for your retreat we will create a detailed spreadsheet that accounts for every possible expense. In the spreadsheet, we will calculate all of the costs from snorkel gear and ice to your profit and travel expenses. We will then add these numbers together and divide the total by the expected number of guests to determine what each guest will need to pay for the retreat to operate successfully.

Average Prices for a Yacht in the USVI, BVI and Bahamas

7 DAY Retreat or wellness Charter

Includes a professional captain and chef, 7 breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, and dinners. These prices do not include the cost of the retreat facilitator and their programming.
Price per number of guests:
4@$30,000 | 5@$30,500 | 6@$31,000 | 7
@$31,000 | 8@$31,500 | 10 @ $32,500


Incudes a professional captain and chef, 5 breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, and dinners. These prices do not include the cost of the retreat facilitator and their programming.
Price per number of guests:
4@$25,000 | 5@$25,400 | 6@$25,800 | 7@$26,200 | 8@$25,600 | 10 @ $26,400

sunset yoga on a luxurious catamaran

Meet Jessica

Founder of Retreats on yachts

Jessica Filkins is the visionary founder behind Retreats On Yachts, a groundbreaking company that combines luxury travel with transformative experiences. With a deep passion for wellness and a love for the ocean, Jessica has created a unique platform that merges the serenity of living on a boat with the transformational power of retreats. Driven by her belief that yachts are a perfect venue for personal growth, human connection, relaxation, and epic adventures, Jessica has curated a platform for retreat facilitators to easily host unique retreats that nourish the mind, body, and soul.   

Jessica grew up on Block Island and spent the majority of her childhood homeschooled on a sailboat in the Bahamas. With the ocean as her playground, she learned to spearfish at the age of 6 and drive a dinghy long before she could drive a car. When Jessica turned 18 she got her captain’s license and drove a launch (water taxi boat) on Block Island for 5 summers. 

 Her wellness journey began during her junior year at Colorado College when she experienced a serious health crisis that forced her to change her lifestyle and explore the alternative medicine path. After college, she traveled around the world studying various healing modalities. She completed her yoga teacher certification in Indonesia, became a reiki master, and received her health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  

Jessica’s entrepreneurial pursuits began with lemonade stands as a little girl. She started a jewelry company as a teenager, a babysitting booking service for Block Island, and a Non-profit yoga studio in Newport, Rhode Island. She discovered a passion for ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, and authentic relating and found the alcohol-based yachting industry no longer appealed to her. In 2014 she founded a turmeric-ginger chai tea company called Jahmu that still exists today. She moved to Boulder Colorado where her Jahmu business and social life thrived but her soul longed for the ocean.   

Jessica has always had the innate skill of connecting people, creating community, and leading experiences. Her highest joy is witnessing transformations in herself and others. She defines her life purpose as “to give and receive life-enriching experiences.” At a new moon beach fire ceremony she hosted the other night, a man who attended one of her annual retreats on Block Island told her that the retreat was the most life-changing experience he has ever had. He shared that in the past 10 months since the retreat he has stopped drinking, his musical career has excelled, his social life has improved, his connection to spirit has deepened and he loves himself more and more. It is this kind of feedback that motivates Jessica to facilitate and help others facilitate, truly life-changing retreats on yachts.   

Jessica’s desire to be back on the ocean elicited a career change in 2020 when she began cheffing on yachts. Her upbringing on boats combined with her skill of cooking and knowledge of nutrition allowed her to quickly excel as a Yacht Chef from 50ft catamarans to 120ft super yachts. She realized there was a need for a company that helped retreat facilitators host better retreats on yachts when she was the chef for her first yacht retreat. The 10 women who were on the retreat loved Jessica and her food and had an amazing time overall but the boat was inadequate and the captain was not the right fit. The captain was continuously trying to get his guests drunk and play cards while they were trying to have a beautiful spiritual experience. Jessica realized that there is a need for someone with a background in the yacht charter busses who also understood the wellness industry to match retreat facilitators with the right boat, captain, chef, location, and itinerary.  

As a true innovator in the travel industry, Jessica continuously seeks to expand Retreats On Yachts’ offerings, collaborating with renowned retreat facilitators, yoga instructors, mermaid models, and life coaches to curate exceptional experiences for her guests. Jessica Filkins’ entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her genuine desire to help others find freedom, balance, and tranquility, has made Retreats On Yachts a haven for those seeking transformative and unforgettable experiences. Her passion, creativity, and commitment to excellence continue to propel the company forward, inspiring individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery while sailing the majestic seas with Retreats On Yachts. 

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