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Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Croatia's breathtaking coastline and islands, our luxurious yacht experience is designed to accommodate up to 40 guests, promising an unparalleled journey.

Awaken The Waters – Retreats on Yachts is here to help! 

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We have an amazing deal on a boat that is usually over $60,000 per week for only $44,000 per week during peak season, July and August. This yacht can sleep 36 to 40 guests in 18 comfortable cabins.

The math: 36 guests paying $3,000 = gross profit of $64,000

To secure your desired dates, an initial deposit of 10% is required as soon as possible, followed by 35% 2 months later, with the final balance of 55% two months before departure. 

The dates we still have available are July 3-10, July 10-17, July 17-24, and August 7-14. Departure and drop off in Split, Croatia. 

We have a variety of other boats available as well. Contact us to explore your options!

Collaborate with friends...

If you already have experience hosting 30 to 40-person retreats, filling up your yacht retreat will be easy! However, If you are used to hosting smaller retreats, we recommend teaming up with a couple of other complementary facilitators to co-host the expenses. As you will see in the pricing guide below there is plenty of abundance to share!


Deluxe yachts...

Desiring a more luxurious experience?

We have deluxe yachts available that range from $60,000 to $100,000 per week. These yachts offer a truly luxurious experience accommodating 30 to 40 guests. Contact us for more yacht brochures and more information! For more details check out

Pricing Guide For Motor Yachts in the Med.

7-DAY retreat on a basic yacht

Holds 30-40 guests. Includes a professional crew, dockage, and 2 meals per day.

The total price for the whole boat
$45,000 -$60,000

Price per guest per week
$1,900- $3,900

Profit for Retreat Facilitator
$30,000- $90,000

7-DAY retreat on a luxuary yacht

Holds 30-40 guests. Includes a professional crew, dockage, and 2 meals per day.

The total price for the whole boat
$70,000 -$100,000

Price per guest per week
$3,000- $5,000

Profit for Retreat Facilitator
$50,000- $100,000

Most yachts require a deposit to hold the dates you desire.

Retreats On Yachts has partnered with Brady Hedlund, a yacht broker/travel agent who has over a decade of experience organizing yacht trips in Croatia. He has hosted many retreats on these specific boats and has a long-standing relationship with the owners and crew. Together we have an extensive network of contacts, ensuring access to the finest venues, vendors, and exciting activities, from jet skiing to bungee jumping, that will elevate your voyage into a life-changing experience.

Meet Jessica Filkins

Founder of Retreats on yachts

Jessica Filkins is the visionary founder behind Retreats On Yachts, a groundbreaking company that combines luxury travel with transformative experiences. With a deep passion for wellness and a love for the ocean, Jessica has created a unique platform that merges the serenity of living on a boat with the transformational power of retreats.

Driven by her belief that yachts are a perfect venue for personal growth, human connection, relaxation, and epic adventures, Jessica has curated a platform for retreat facilitators to easily host unique retreats that nourish the mind, body, and soul.   

Jessica’s is available to help you price and plan a successful retreat on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Her goal is to make your retreat planning process easy and fun. She will also be available to answer any questions your guests have so that you are not bothered by these requests.  She can also be hired as the cruise director to come on board to make sure the retreat runs smoothly.


Meet Brady Hedlund

Our MEDITERRANEAN yacht Expert

Brady has spent the last 17 years traveling the world. Most of his travels were related to his travel business Life Before Work, which ran for 13 years throughout 18 different countries offering group experiences focused on adventure, fun, and unique parties.

 Brady has organized over 50 successful trips on yachts in the Mediterranean. He has a long-standing personal relationship with the owners and crew of the boats featured on this website. It is because of these relationships Brady has been cultivating that we are able to get such amazing deals on boats of this size.

 Brady can answer any questions you have related to yacht retreats in this part of the world. Brady has started a new company called Xpand.Community to provide access to meaningful life-changing experiences like retreats on yachts. We are so grateful to have Brady on our team!


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